Fashion Designer

Charlene Tan

Zepherra is my dream, my passion and my world.

In 2009, I started Zepherra as a simple dream to share my passion for fashion and beautiful things.

As I continue to chase this never-ending dream of mine, Zepherra has born testament to my personal evolution from a clueless girl who simply dreams of fashion to someone who is confident enough to make this dream a reality.

It was through Zepherra that I have found my calling in fashion and decided to travel across the globe to pursue a formal education in fashion design. As a result, I have managed to gain valuable ideas, concepts and insights. From fundamentals such as the fabric selection to finer intimate details such as edge finishing, I was able to better appreciate the true meaning of quality fashion and incorporate my newfound knowledge into Zepherra.

Since then, I have grown.. and so has Zepherra. Starting off as a humble online shop offering a small collection, the clothes featured at Zepherra now bears my personal imprint – every single article featured on Zepherra was crafted personally by myself and my team, put together from sustainable sources. I have also taken extra effort to ensure that personal tenets such as quality and the attention to fine details are being incorporated into all my designs.

Zepherra by Charlene Tan strives to bring to the world clothes that impact and inspire, transcending trends and time.

I am deeply fortunate to be able to turn this dream of mine into reality, and it is my deepest pleasure to invite you to join me in this beautiful journey to discover more about custom dressmaking.

I will continue to be driven by the craft and the freedom to create more beautiful designs, one stitch at a time.