Slow Fashion Handmade Upcycling Naked Packaging

Sustainability has always been a key concern within the fashion industry. At Zepherra, we strive to be part of the solution and pride ourselves in creating fashion by applying sustainable practices right from the start to end for every single clothing piece.

Slow fashion

Core, Timeless Pieces. Designed to last. Buy less, buy better.

Zepherra products are designed and produced with sustainability in mind. All garments will be made on order to eliminate inventory wastage. All Zepherra clothes are designed to transcend beyond fads and time. They can be worn for a long time while still staying relevant and fashionable. We aim to re-envision the future of fashion by making clothes what they should be:

Clothes that fit. Clothes that last. Pieces that impact and inspire.


A stitch at a time, we aim to change the world.

Zepherra works with small design studios in Asia under fair working conditions. Every piece is handmade by hand-skilled artisan women. Collaborating with small scale design studios allows us the opportunity to drive positive change, support small time businesses and encourage sustainability.

It's hard to understand the time and perseverance that goes into a handmade product. Behind every stitch lies the hardwork and dedication of artisan women and their story to keep the traditions of custom dressmaking alive. Each custom design follows the traditional methods of patternmaking, draping and sewing stitch by stitch meticulously. Each handmade product is a dream of the beautiful world, where makers are respected and celebrated and commitment to hard work is appreciated. All the materials are ethically sourced from beginning to end to ensure that we know the conditions under which it was produced.

Naked Packaging

Less is more

Packaging generates waste that ends up in the landfills. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible by reducing the brand packaging typically used for an online store.

Another way we approach packaging is through our introduction of fabric bags made from fabric scraps discarded by factories. The fabric bags can be reused again and again for gift wrapping or personal storage.

In cases that we can't eliminate packaging completely, we will use only recycled or reused materials (like reusing plastic bags collected).


Reduce, reuse and repurpose

Zepherra collaborates with some factories and designers to collect surplus fabrics and leftover fabric scraps. We build as much value as we can into each piece of fabric and design them into a truly unique collection of men accessories. Using fabric off-cuts means that every design is a limited edition. View this collection here.

No Waste Policy

Our aim for a zero landfill world

With such a thoughtful approach to creation and customization, Zepherra also advocates a no-waste policy. Our unique made- to-order approach also ensures that actual manufacturing occurs only kicks in whenever there is a confirmed order. This not only minimizes wastage in the form of unsold inventory, but also reduces our energy footprint in the form of having not to run storage facilities.