Our Story

I just want to be a perfect mix of Audrey Hepburn, Blair Waldorf, Kate Middleton and a Disney princess

Zepherra dresses a modern girl who is down-to-earth, contemporary yet dreamy and romantic. She often finds herself daydreaming about the distanced golden age, from the iconic ladies, to the beautiful princess of children’s tales, to the debutante of centuries ago. She leads a life, brimming with music, art and romance. She borrows and mixes different influences, emphasizing feminine individuality while keeping her style contemporary and unique.


Zepherra is a slow fashion company that embraces time-honored sewing techniques to create each unique pieces for the contemporary woman. Making a special product takes time. Each dress is crafted with love and attention to quality, one piece at a time.

Our collections include vintage recreations of the iconic dresses in the past eras, modern recreations of celebrity dresses, movie costumes and a small capsule of unique styles designed by Charlene and crafted for the chic and contemporary women. Each piece is custom made to fit individual’s measurements.

Traditional and modern, recreation and original, Zepherra’s approach to custom dressmaking crafts aims to fulfill every girl’s fashion dream, one thread at a time.