Our Story

I just want to be a perfect mix of Audrey Hepburn, Blair Waldorf, Kate Middleton and a Disney princess

Zepherra dresses the modern woman who is grounded yet dreamy, contemporary yet nostalgic. She often finds herself enchanted by the elegance of bygone eras, from iconic ladies and fairy-tale princesses to debutantes of yesteryear. Her life is a canvas of music, art, and romance, where each day is an expression of her unique style and feminine individuality.

Our Philosophy

At Zepherra, we embrace the principles of slow fashion, honoring traditional sewing techniques to create bespoke dresses for the modern woman. We believe in the art of taking time—every dress is meticulously crafted with love and precision, ensuring that each piece is not just worn, but cherished.


Our Creations

Our collections include:

  • Vintage Recreations: Elegantly bringing to life the iconic dresses of past eras.
  • Modern Inspirations: Transforming celebrity gowns and movie costumes into contemporary masterpieces.
  • Unique Styles: Original designs by Charlene, tailored for the chic and contemporary woman.

Every dress is custom-made to fit your unique measurements, combining timeless tradition with modern flair.


Our Promise

Zepherra’s bespoke approach to dressmaking is about more than just clothing; it’s about realizing every woman’s fashion dreams. Whether it’s a vintage recreation or a one-of-a-kind design, we weave your dreams into reality, one thread at a time.