Fashion Designer

Charlene Tan

Zepherra is more than a brand – it’s my dream, my passion, and my adventure.

As a child, when asked, “What’s your dream job?” I harbored a secret wish to become a fashion designer. Yet, as I grew up, this dream often felt like a whimsical fantasy, overshadowed by the conventional path to success defined by society’s expectations.


So, I pursued engineering in university. But the truth is, my heart always belonged to fashion. It was this undying love that led me to start Zepherra—a platform where I could share my passion. What began as a simple dream blossomed into a journey of self-discovery, transforming me from a girl with a vision into a confident designer bringing her creations to life.


Zepherra became the gateway to my true calling. It encouraged me to seek knowledge and inspiration across the globe, leading me to formal education in fashion design. Along this journey, I absorbed invaluable insights—from the art of fabric selection to the meticulousness of edge finishing. These experiences deepened my appreciation for quality fashion, all of which I pour into every piece crafted at Zepherra.


What started as a modest fast fashion blogshop has evolved significantly. Today, it’s a reflection of my personal growth and unwavering dedication to the art of fashion. I personally work on each custom made piece with my team – I draw, sew, and craft each piece by hand, transforming contemporary and vintage styles into garments that exude quality and elegance. With each stitch, I aim to bring out the timeless charm of a great dress.


At Zepherra, we believe in the power of customization. Every piece is made-to-measure, tailored to your exact specifications and preferences. This ensures that each garment not only fits beautifully but also tells a story—your story, woven into the fabric.


Zepherra by Charlene Tan is more than just a brand; it’s a journey—a journey to create clothing that transcends fleeting trends and inspires those who wear it. I am incredibly fortunate to live my dream every day and share it with you. My mission is to continue designing with passion, one stitch at a time, and to make Zepherra a beacon of quality and craftsmanship.


This is not just my dream—it’s our dream. Together, let’s explore the world of quality fashion, where every detail matters and every creation is a work of art.


Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Let’s make it happen.


With love and gratitude,


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